Waters Breeze 2 HPLC

The Breeze™ 2 HPLC System delivers technology and performance in an affordable, compact, and user-friendly system platform. Complete with software, pump, detector and injector, the system comes pre-configured for different levels of HPLC operational needs.

From teaching purposes to daily analytical work, the Breeze 2 HPLC System integrates simplicity, sensitivity, accuracy, and reliability. It is ideal for any organization seeking a quality HPLC platform with limited budget and chromatography experience including university laboratories, government laboratories, or start-up companies.

The Waters® Breeze 2 HPLC System delivers routine analyses and robust performance day after day, providing the  onfidence you need to get the job done. Used in laboratories worldwide, chromatographers know that they’ll get reliable data in an easy-to-use platform. With a choice of multiple components to build your own liquid chromatography system, and software that allows you to simplify the complete management of your chromatographic data, the Breeze 2 HPLC System delivers world-class performance – affordably.


The Waters Breeze 2 HPLC System is the next generation in a series of systems designed for routine chromatographic  applications. Affordable and easy-to-use, the Breeze 2 System delivers world-class technology and performance that Waters is known for. The Breeze 2 System comes complete with software, and user selected pump, injector, and detectors. The intuitive software interface requires minimal training, is easy to set up, learn, and operate. From teaching purposes to daily analytical work, the Breeze 2 System’s robust features strike a balance of simplicity, performance, and reliability that make it the perfect system solution for any organization with a limited budget and chromatography experience. As with all Waters products, Breeze 2 HPLC Systems are backed by the same renowned Global Services that have helped Waters achieve its status as the industry leader for service and support.


  • A completely flexible system that is customizable for any laboratory with quality HPLC components options: binary or isocratic pump, automated or manual injector, UV/Vis, refractive index, multi-λ fluorescence, evaporative light scattering, or photodiode array detector
  • Intuitive interface with Breeze 2 Software that allows for easy set-up, operation, and minimal training